Earth County



Earth County is at a location that is away from the chaos And yet well-connected to both- City and Calmness

Earth County is soon to be just a 30 minutes Short and Signal-free Drive from Pune
(As per the latest announcement by the Union Ministry, Pune to Shikrapur route is being converted
into an 8 Lane Corridor with every single intersection getting an over bridge. Thus,
The signal-free drive to Earth County will be similar to Nashik Phata-Dehu Corridor of PCMC)
Once operational, you can reach your dream home at Earth County in just 30 mins. From Kharadi, Pune


10,000+ Trees at Earth County help you
Escape Stress and Embrace Sunshine and Shade
– Over 10,000 Fruit Trees, Mango Trees & others as well
– Other ornamental flora spread across the premises
– Extensive Green Areas to relax in the arms of nature

“Live in close proximity to Peace”

An ISKCON Retreat Center that
The world wants to be present at
Will be present in your Neighbourhood.
Replace chaos with calmness, monotony with meditation
And hectic schedules with happy routines and lead a life
That spells wholesome!
Patrons of Earth County shall have an
Enriching access to the ISKCON Retreat Center.
Meanwhile, guests to the Retreat Center shall have
Comfortable accommodation there itself.

A Clubhouse that defines Complete Comfort and Lots of Leisure

The Earth County Clubhouse is a home to all
Amenities that spell Luxury, Leisure, Comfort,
And Relaxation in Abundance.
Every corner of the Clubhouse is a collection of
Amenities that add utility to the perfect
Combination of Nature and Resort living.

Swimming Pool

“Splash into Liveliness”
Take a dip into freshness as you’re
Surrounded by nature on all the sides
At Earth County

Ayurvedic Center

“Explore the wonders of Ayurveda”
Ayurveda is a gift of nature
Passed on to us by our ancestors.
Cherish this effective gift at Earth County with lots of
Ayurvedic Plants and herbs growing in the premises

Spa Room

“Revel and Relax in Rejuvenation”
Soothe your senses with a spa
Experience that releases stress and gives your
Mind and body the break that they deserve.

Meditation Hall

“Make Mindfulness a Priority with
A Meditation Hall in the vicinity”
Breathe in the beauty of nature and
Breathe out the chaos of city life
At a dedicated meditation hall.

Indoor games like Chess, Carrom, Cards etc

“Cherish times of cheer with Carrom, Chess,
Cards, and other Indoor Games”
At Earth County, staying indoors is interesting too
When there are multiple amenities for you.

Dymanic Games and Much More...
Children’s play area
Cricket pitch
Cycling track
Senior Citizen Zone
Outdoor Barbeque Area
Ponds & Lakes
Floating Bridge
Multipurpose Court
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